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The Application contains both the server and the client programs ( 11 MB).
internet cafe software : download

Application Contains both the server and the client programs (11 MB)

The Registration Number is set to demo by default. The number of clients allowed to be connected to the server is limited to 2 (two). Buy New Version of Cafezee here to get a valid Registration Number that will remove the above limitation of 2 clients. Cafezee pricing starts from US $ 99.00 per pack (One time payment for 1 server & 10 clients).

Visual studio .net framework 3.5
Microsoft Office® 2007 or later (Make sure all systems have same version)
Problems in downloading?
Problem: I have a slow/unreliable dial-up connection..
We advice you to download a "DOWNLOAD MANAGER" software like
Download Accelerator. , install it, and then download the Cafezee application.
Problem: My download stops midway (or) I get the error "Not a valid Win32 application" when trying to install the software.
Probably, you have downloaded an incomplete file. Follow the steps below and make sure that you have downloaded the complete 11 MB file.
internet cafe software : download Clear the cache of your browser (Important!)
internet cafe software : download Restart your browser
internet cafe software : download If you have downloaded an incomplete file ("This is not a valid Win32 application") delete the incomplete file
internet cafe software : download Disable virus checking during the download (Anti-virus software, pop-up blockers, and firewalls can also prevent a file from being fully downloaded. )
internet cafe software : download If you use a firewall, disable it or make sure that it does not prevent you from downloading from www.cafezee.com
internet cafe software : download Retry the download
Problem:  What do I do after the download is complete?
Find the file cz42r1.exe and double-click it to start the Cafezee installation.
Problem: Nothing works. I just can't download.
Please contact us at
internet cafe software E-Mail Address : cafezee@sysaidcss.com
internet cafe software Yahoo Messenger ID : cafezee_help
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internet cafe software : download
Download Cafezee Manual
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